2021 Recognition Awards

Congratulations to the winners of this year's Recognition Awards!

Colorguard Director of the Year

"From his positive attitude, to focusing on setting a strong foundation in flag, sabre, and rifle, and more than anything making sure each student feels successful, each student on our guard truly feels they are part of one unified team. On the back side of things, Joshua is always so incredibly prepared, looking forward, always willing to help, and truly an amazing director."

"Josh has helped us all grow as an ensemble and as individual performers. He pushes us to our limits while still allowing us to enjoy ourselves. We have all improved so much as performers and leaders under his great direction."

Joshua Hill - Walden Grove Winterguard

Nominated in his first year as director of the Walden Grove Winterguard, Josh has made a lasting impression on his students and those around him. WGAZ is proud to announce Joshua Hill as 2021 Colorguard Director of the year

Percussion Director of the Year

"He is always giving it his all especially through the closures of the pandemic to make us successful and overall learn valuable life lessons, not just music. He puts in hours of his own time to create and impact a change in his music programs and lives of his students. He has helped us drastically improve our music skills by simply being patient with us. He understands that we are kids and makes it fun for us to learn music and makes us feel like family not just a student or a performer. He puts in his sweat and tears to see us succeed on and off the show floor and makes us feel important. He is a true example of a great director."

Tom Cervenka - Sahuarita Indoor Percussion

As the Band and Percussion Director of Sahuarita Indoor Percussion, Tom has made an impact on many, and was nominated for this award 16 separate times. WGAZ is proud to announce Tom Cervenka as 2021 Percussion Director of the Year

"Thank you so much Mr. Cervenka for everything you have done for our school and music programs. You inspire us all and we truly appreciate you from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you for always being patient and caring towards us even if we’re not nice back. And finally, thank you for creating this family that we have become."

Volunteer of the Year

"He pushes equipment, carries flag bags, builds props, drives a van of teenagers, designs our t-shirts, loans his classroom for club meetings, videotapes performances, takes pictures, supports fundraisers, and so much more. He helps the Sossaman Guard because he teaches at our school and he loves all Spartans. He just wants to see our activity succeed. He also volunteers with the Higley High School Winter Guard and Oasis Winter Guard, doing anything and everything he can to support each group."

"Robert Wyatt is one of those people who jumps in and helps wherever he sees the need. We jokingly call him "Bob the Band Dad" because he is everywhere, doing everything."

Robert Wyatt - Sossaman Winterguard

Robert Wyatt is a volunteer who not only gives it his all, but he also volunteers for three groups in the WGAZ community. WGAZ is proud to announce Robert Wyatt as the 2021 Volunteer of the Year