Colorguard Education Forums

WGAZ has been presenting an online education forum on the Regional A sheets hosted by Scott Montoya and moderated by Brandy DuBose.

All band directors, students, instructors, staff and judges are encouraged and welcome to attend. The forums will be presented by current WGAZ judges and some of Arizona’s most successful directors with active Q&A sessions around each topic

WGAZ has completed 3/4 sessions of this online forum.


Nicole Hamilton: Rincon University HS

Catherine Plant: WGAZ Movement Judge


Cody Schmidlin: Canyon Del Oro HS

Dennis Romero: WGAZ Equipment Judge

-General Effect-

Keith Casey: Desert Vista HS

Tony Christofano: WGAZ GE Judge

With many instructors in attendance, this has been a successful and educational opportunity for our circuit! Please email colorguard judges coordinator Scott Montoya with any questions!

Join Us!

July 8th, 2020 from 7:00pm-8:00pm

-Design Analysis-

Austin Yost: Oasis WG, Higley HS and Academy DBC

Scott Montoya: WGAZ DA Judge