March 2021

2021 Scholarship Application Now Open!

WGAZ is looking for scholarship applicants for the 2021 season! We encourage all current seniors and college students to submit their applications. New for this year will be an added 45-60 second video showcasing applicants talents.

Important and Upcoming Dates

3/19/2021 - Week 4 (Virtual)

3/20/2021 - Week 4 (In Person)

@ Willow Canyon High School

3/26/2021 - Week 5 (Virtual)

3/27/2021 - Week 5 (In Person)

@Sahuarita High School

@ Williams Field High School

4/2/2021 - Week 2 (Virtual Solo & Small Group

4/9/2021 - Divisional Showcase Week 1 (Virtual)

4/10/2021 - Divisional Showcase Week 1 (In Person)

@ Campo Verde High School

4/16/2021 - Divisional Showcase Week 2 (Virtual)

4/17/2021 - Divisional Showcase Week 2 (In Person)

@Basha High School

CLICK HERE to see the full calendar on the WGAZ website

Volunteer of the Year and Director of the Year Nominations now Open!

Nominations for Volunteer of the Year and Director of the year are OPEN! WGAZ is looking to hear about the volunteers and directors who have been working hard to go above and beyond during this difficult year. Nominations will be open throughout the month of March!


As one of the perks of being a member of WGAZ, your unit receive access to current WGI Manuals and Rulebook.

We have uploaded the 2021 WGI Rules and Sheets. You can access this through your CompetitionSuite in your units tab and under resources.

You must log into your Competition Suite and be registered for the 2021 Season to access these resources