Member Spotlight - The Academy Winter Youth Guard

The Academy Youth Guard

Under the umbrella of The Arizona Academy of the Performing Arts, The Academy Youth Guard is embarking on its 16th year of activity. This program is designed for elementary & middle school students, ages 5-14. This activity prepares students for high school guard programs or marching bands by introducing them to the basics of colorguard, dance, marching, and drill learning.

The Academy Winter Youth Guard will be fielding 2 ensembles, performing in the WGAZ Virtual Small Group season. The Academy Youth Guard Yellow will consist of performers ages 5-9, and The Academy Youth Guard Red will consist of performers 10-13. Under the direction of Jamie Warhus, The Academy Winter and Summer Youth Guards have continued to thrive. The summer youth guard consists of performers ages 5-14. Interested in The Academy Summer Youth Guard? Keep an eye out for updates here!

"I have truly loved being the director of the Academy Youth Guard Programs for the past 3 years. Working with this ae group is so exciting because we get to lean our color guard skills while focusing on building self confidence, learning to be a part of a team, and having fun at the same time. Our program has many members who have participated for multiple years, and seeing their growth throughout their involvement with our program is incredible to experience! Although the 2021 season looks very different for our program, the youth guard members have been so eager to keep learning and working on their performance skills at each rehearsal."

-Jamie Warhus, Director of Youth Guard Programs


Looking for a way to support The Academy Winter Youth Guard, as well as other organizations under the umbrella of the AAPA? Join the Youth Guard in the Second Annual AAPA Virtual 5k run!