May 2020 Vol. 2


Each week, WGAZ will be spotlighting it's 2020 seniors!

Although this may not be the end of your season the way you imagined it, we are very proud of the work you have put in and the journey you have traveled. We wish you all a safe and happy summer. Congratulations Graduates!!!

Teresa Rodriguez -Westwood High School

Chloe Staas - Westwood High School

Kaitlynn Gaunt - Westwood High School

Jessica Dovenspike - Westwood High School

Madeline Nelson - Westwood High School

Ashley Gonzolas - Williams Field High School

Ema Groff - Williams Field High School

Megan Bulson - Williams Field High School

Sofia Pacini - Williams Field High School

Melissa Angulo - Buckeye Union High School

Connor Maguire - Buckeye Union High School

Emily Inserra - Buckeye Union High School

Erin Blake - Buckeye Union High School

Jahxsyhn Arnold - Buckeye Union High School

Jovanni Martinez - Buckeye Union High School

Lexi Hofmann - Buckeye Union High School

Shane Evans - Buckeye Union High School

Thomas Potter - Buckeye Union High School

Tyler Clark - Buckeye Union High School

Kyle Young - Buckeye Union High School

Summer Toquillas - Buckeye Union High School

Allyson Britton - Mountain Ridge High School

Allyson marched MRHS Varsity Winterguard

Andrew Fisher - Mountain Ridge High School

Andrew marched MRHS Varsity Winterguard

Carly Borggrebe - Mountain Ridge High School

Carly marched MRHS JV Winterguard

Claire Wells - Mountain Ridge High School

Claire marched MRHS Varsity Winterguard

Kayleen Sherrin - Mountain Ridge High School

Kayleen marched MRHS JV Winterguard

Sarah Tirone - Mountain Ridge High School

Sarah marched MRHS Varsity Winterguard

Brinley O'Camb - Mountain Ridge High School

Brinley marched MRHS Varsity Winterguard

Ali Noland - Mountain Ridge High School

Ali marched MRHS Varsity Winterguard

Angela Ricci - Boulder Creek High School

Lexi Hoeft - Bouler Creek High School

Alyssa McClean - Boulder Creek High School

Tess Chelednick - Boulder Creek High School

WGAZ has received many senior spotlights! If you have submitted your unit's seniors and don't see them here, don't worry! We will be spotlighting seniors every week! Haven't submitted seniors for your unit yet? It's not too late! Email secretary Mellanie Risch to include your unit's seniors!