October 2020

What's New?

The WGAZ membership and Advisory Committee recently voted to adopt a new updated set of Bylaws and Policy and Procedures Manual. To stay updated with WGAZ, please check out these new documents on the WGAZ Website

Welcome Thien Pham as WGAZ President

The Executive Board recently voted to accept the resignation of Lisa Wood as President for WGAZ. Given the acceptance of her resignation Thien Pham will advance to President and a Vice-President vacancy is now open on the Executive Board. Thien has been a member of WGAZ for many years, serving as a dedicated board member for the last 6 years.

Important and Upcoming Dates

  • 10/30 Nominations for Vice President and Treasurer CLOSE

  • 11/6 ELECTION DAY for VP and Treasurer

    • The ballot will be open in CompetitionSuite from 7:00am - 7:00pm

    • Directors, don't forget to set your unit delegate HERE

In the upcoming WGAZ Election!

DIRECTORS! Please be on the lookout for a 2nd COVID-19 Survey, coming soon to your inbox.